How long are the certification cards good for?


CPR cards are good for two years and First Aid cards are good for two years for an initial certification. For our daycare and school staff, the JFS and BOE forms can be processed as a 3 year renewal, for the form only.


What times can you come out to do our training?


    Our instructors are available at your convenience. This means that whether it is a week day, week night, or on a weekend, we will teach at your facility around your schedule. All classes require a minimum of 10 students, except for CPR which requires at least 6. Please click on the Class Calendar page to check availability.


Is there a maximum class size?


    We prefer to groups under 20 so that we can give you personalized attention and training.



Can I attend Open classes?


    Yes, please visit our Class Calendar and click on the date and class you are interested in. Read Important Notices and follow link to registration if class is open.



How do I pay for a class?


    Open class participants we will accept payment at the beginning of class. We accept cash, money order or company check. Contracted training courses are Net 30 days. We also accept credit cards; please call to set up payments with your credit card.


What is your cancellation policy?


    You must notify MVHSS of cancellation either by e-mail or by phone no later than 48 hours prior to the scheduled date of the class. If you fail to notify us of a cancellation and do not show up for the class, you or your center will be billed for your full portion of that class fee. If you cancel within the 48 hour time period, you may be billed a cancellation fee of $15.


Does the CPR include the Heimlich maneuver?


   Yes! We teach abdominal thrusts, or "Heimlich" maneuver, with all of our CPR classes. We meet state licensing requirements for teachers.


I lost my card, what do I do now?


    Contact us and we will replace your card. The replacement card fee is $10 and includes standard shipping.



Can I bring children to the class?


    Due to the intensity of some of the topics, children are discouraged from being present. However, if it is an absolute must that children accompany an attendee, we ask that they be placed in a area of the facility where they are not interfering with class. We also ask, if possible that arrangements be made that they can be supervised within a facility. This is to ensure all participants receive our full attention, and for the safety of the children.



What do I need to provide to have a class at my facility?


    You just need a training room large enough for the number of students with chairs and tables. We provide all necessary equipment and training materials. For hosting facilities, we also ask that the minimum number of students required for each course be provided by that facility, unless other arrangements have been made.




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